Summer 2017 update

This summer has been so busy, it’s more than half over and we haven’t even had a chance to post an update yet. In May we welcomed several new students to the lab: Angelica, Annie, Rose, and Sarita. Everyone’s been working hard, and we’ve had good success making progress towards our goals: the results of the test crosses we set up last year are in, suggesting that our population of the terrestrial isopod Trachelipus rathkei has X and Y sex chromosomes, instead of Z and W chromosomes as a previously published paper indicated; we’ve been establishing populations of additional terrestrial isopod species for comparisons; we’ve been holding weekly joint bioinformatics sessions together; and we recently returned from a trip to our collaborators’ lab in Poitiers, France, where we continued some experiments on Porcellio laevis that we started last year, and where Sevi was able to gather data on sexual dimorphism in a wider variety of species. We also introduced some local elementary and middle school students to terrestrial isopods through an educational program at SUNY Oswego’s Rice Creek Field Station.