Fall 2016 update

We had a successful summer. Some of the highlights included:

  • Testing our local population of Trachelipus rathkei and our lab population of Porcellio laevis for Wolbachia infections.
  • Generating tons of sequencing data (both Illumina and PacBio) to sequence the genome of T. rathkei and identify sex-linked loci in this species.
  • Visiting our collaborators in Poitiers, France, where students learned how to perform androgenic gland transplants in terrestrial isopods, set up a sex reversal experiment in P. laevis that we will follow up on next summer, and also got to try out local cuisine like escargot (see photo below).

    Sevi bravely eating escargot.

    Sevi bravely eating escargot.

  • Setting up another large sex reversal experiment in T. rathkei when we returned to Oswego.
  • Developing protocols to measure sexually dimorphic phenotypes in T. rathkei, including using the scanning electron microscope on campus at SUNY Oswego to get a close-up look at isopod legs (below).t_rath_female_leg

We are looking forward to presenting our results at the 2017 SICB meeting!