Monthly Archives: January 2019

January 2019 update

A lot’s been going on in the lab since our last update.

We had a successful summer 2018—several students were in the lab on campus, and visited our collaborators at the Université de Poitiers, where we isolated RNA from male and female isopods for an RNA-seq experiment (see photo below: Ty and Nora in the lab).

Jane’s paper on an in silico screen for novel Wolbachia infections was accepted and published in PeerJ! (And Jane has returned to upstate NY to work on her PhD at Syracuse University.)

At the beginning of January we attended the 2019 SICB conference, where three students presented posters on their work. All three received great feedback.

Finally, we recently received the sequencing data from our ongoing RNA-seq experiments. We’re now working on analyzing the data so we can better understand sex determination and gene expression differences between males and females in our focal isopod species.