Monthly Archives: March 2015

Recent Lab Events

Congratulations to lab members on recent successes!

  • Don Wang and Josh Drake did a great job presenting posters on their work at the Annual Paper Session of the Rochester Academy of Science in November 2014.
  • Don Wang received a SUNY Oswego Student SCAC grant in December 2014 to support his research on genetic diversity in Rickettsiella infections in terrestrial isopods in central New York.
  • Chulee Paw has received a SUNY Oswego Student Mini-Grant for her project on the molecular evolution of DM-domain genes in terrestrial isopods.
  • Josh Drake was recognized with a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence.
  • Karen Alvarado was awarded a SUNY Oswego Faculty-Student Challenge Grant to study the experimental evolution of neo-Y chromosomes in C. elegans in summer 2015.
  • Dr. Chandler’s NSF CAREER proposal on the evolution of sex chromosomes and dosage compensation in terrestrial isopods has been recommended for funding.